Bosch Common Rail Injector Control Valve

Bosch common rail injector control valve is made by valve rod and valve bannet , the gap between valve rod and valve bannet is only 3-6microns. control valve is one of the important components to spill the excess fuel back to the fuel tank of diesel fuel injectors.

Bosch common rail injector control valve is a critical part of Bosch diesel injectors, manipulates a flowing diesel. the popular Bosch common rail injector control valve part No like 692 series F00RJ02466, F00RJ02806, F00RJ02472, Bosch injector control valve 130 SERIES F00RJ02130, F00RJ01005, F00RJ01334, F00RJ02397, Bosch injector control valve 359 series F00VC01334, F00VC01346, bosch control valve 033 SERIES F00VC01022, F00VC01033, F00VC01046 , F00VC01055, control valve 747 series F00RJ01714 , F00RJ02714 bosch control valve 306 series F00VC01306 , 349 SERIES F00VC01349, F00VC01312 etc

Bosch Diesel Fuel Injector Control Valve
Bosch Common Rail Injector Control Valve
Bosch Fuel Injector Control Valve
1F00R J01 86549F00R J00 44797F00V C01 043
2F00R J01 15950F00R J01 89598F00V C01 057
3F00R J01 21851F00R J02 13099F00V C01 044
4F00R J02 17552F00R J01 176100F00V C01 046
5F00R J02 46653F00R J02 213101F00V C01 050
6F00R J01 47954F00R J02 266102F00V C01 053
7F00R J01 53355F00R J02 278103F00V C01 055
8F00R J01 65756F00R J02 397104F00V C01 007
9F00R J01 68357F00V C01 331105F00V C01 001
10F00R J01 69258F00V C01 334106F00V C01 024
11F00R J01 52259F00V C01 013107F00V C01 045
12F00R J01 70460F00V C01 336108F00V C01 051
13F00R J02 80661F00V C01 378109F00V C01 054
14F00R J01 72762F00V C01 338110F00R J01 714
15F00R J01 92463F00V C01 341111F00R J02 004
16F00R J02 03564F00V C01 342112F00R J01 747
17F00R J01 45165F00V C01 344113F00R J01 329
18F00R J02 05666F00V C01 346114F00R J01 819
19F00R J02 10367F00V C01 347115F00R J02 012
20F00R J02 23568F00V C01 348116F00R J02 377
21F00R J02 47269F00V C01 352117F00R J02 410
22F00R J01 27870F00V C01 353118F00R J02 429
23F00R J00 00571F00V C01 354119F00R J02 449
24F00R J00 37572F00V C01 355120F00R J02 506
25F00R J01 94173F00V C01 357121F00R J02 714
26F00R J01 12974F00V C01 358122F00V C01 301
27F00R J00 21875F00V C01 359123F00V C01 303
28F00R J00 33976F00V C01 360124F00V C01 306
29F00R J01 94577F00V C01 363125F00V C01 309
30F00R J00 39978F00V C01 364126F00V C01 310
31F00R J00 42079F00V C01 365127F00V C01 332
32F00R J00 83480F00V C01 367128F00V C01 311
33F00R J02 45481F00V C01 368129F00V C01 312
34F00R J01 00582F00V C01 371130F00V C01 313
35F00V C01 00383F00V C01 376131F00V C01 315
36F00V C01 00484F00V C01 379132F00V C01 317
37F00V C01 00585F00V C01 380133F00V C01 323
38F00V C01 01186F00V C01 383134F00V C01 324
39F00V C01 01587F00V C01 377135F00V C01 325
40F00V C01 01688F00V C01 022136F00V C01 328
41F00V C01 05289F00V C01 038137F00V C01 329
42F00R J01 05290F00V C01 023138F00V C01 333
43F00R J01 22291F00V C01 033139F00V C01 349
44F00R J01 33492F00V C01 034140F00V C01 340
45F00V C01 35693F00V C01 035141F00V C01 320
46F00R J01 42894F00V C01 036142F00V C01 321
47F00R J02 00595F00V C01 037  
48F00R J02 06796F00V C01 042  
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