Bosch Injector


Bosch is the world’s leading supplier of diesel fuel injection parts, which has the largest demands in the market. Now Bosch technic is very mature in Chinese market, what we sell is mainly made in China new.

Our old customer can take over thousand pcs Bosch series diesel injector each size for most popular sizes, quality is tested by the market. like 0445120123 0445120161 0445120153 0445120231 00445120236 0445120288 0445120178 0445110376 0445110594 , Normally we did not keep too much stock , mainly produce regular order for old customers. And we start to arrange production plan of next month on every 20th, for new urgent order, we can produce extra 100pcs per day.

5 Basic structure of Bosch Common rail injector

bosch injector

Bosch Common rail fuel injector is roughly divided into five major components :solenoid assembly, armature assembly, control valve assembly, injector body and nozzle assembly

Solenoid Assembly: When the solenoid is energized, it will generate electromagnetic force, attracting the armature plate to move up, to control the opening and closing of the valve ball. Armature Assembly:the armature moves up and down under the action of electromagnetic force, so it is one of the control components that determine whether the diesel injector is injected or not. Control Valbe Assembly: Control valve is made by valve rod and valve cap, it is also one of the important components to control the injection of bosch fuel injector.Injector body: The diesel injector body contains oil passages of both high and low pressure, so injector body is the main pressure-bearing parts.Nozzle Assembly: The fuel nozzle is to injecting diesel fuel into the combustion chamber. Injector nozzle is a key component to achieve precise injection and the formation of oil mist.

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