Bosch Pump


Bosch pump is one of the most popular diesel fuel injector pumps .The high-pressure fuel injector pump is indispensable part of the common rail system.

The hydraulic part of the high-pressure common rail fuel system is mainly composed of fuel tanks, filters, high-pressure fuel pumps, high-pressure fuel rails, and common rail injectors.

Now what we mainly sell of Bosch high pressure injector pumps are rebuild pumps and original new. The most popular pumps as follows
Bosch CP1 high pressure fuel pump like 0445010082, 0445010236, 0445010287, 0445010402, 0445020070,0445020119 0445020198
Bosch CP2 high pressure injection pump like 0445025602
Bosch CP3 high pressure fuel pump like 0445020023, 0445020030, 0445020050, 0440020128, 0445020150, 0445020227
Bosch CP4 high pressure diesel fuel pump like 0445010512, 0445010616, 0445010642, 0445010684, 0445010817, 0445010521, 0445010608
Bosch CPN5 high pressure common rail pump like 0445020126, 0445020135, 0445020236
Bosch Unite pump like 0414260910 , 0414755002 ,0414755007, 0414755018, 0414799025,0414799032
Bosch VP pump like 0470006010(047006003),0470506022 0986444007 R5013925AA, 0986444007
Also, we develop the full series of repair kits for the above pumps, if you have interest, feel free to consult.

Bosch pump
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