Cummins Injector


Cummins injector is popular used in the trucks, cars and buses. It is well know for its good quality and reasonable price. The performance of Cummins injector is quite steable.

Founded in United States in 1919, Cummins is the world’s leading manufacturer of diesel power equipment, including diesel engines and related technologies like fuel systems, control systems, intake air treatment, filtration systems, exhaust gas treatment systems and power systems, and provides corresponding after-sales services service.Cummins come to Chinese market since 1975, it become one of the top diesel engine manufacture in China.

cummins injector

Now Chinese market Cummins injectors are mainly rebuild injectors and original new . like Cummins Scania series 0984302, 2872544,  X15 series 4062569, 4954434, 4984856,  K19 series 4964171, 4964172, 2882077, Y431K05620, M11 series 3083849, 4026222, 4903472 etc. Cummins PT series 3018835, 3053124, Detroit series 3861890, 5228770 etc.

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