Delphi Pump


Delphi Diesel Common Rail (short as DCR) are popular used on diesel engins because it has has lot of advantages

1. DCR adopts modular design, can be used on various engines easily, no mater 3 cyl, 4 cyl, 6 cyl. 2.The design of Delphi diesel common rail spare parts are small & delicate, very suitable for the popular engines. 3.The pump oil pressure of the high-pressure common rail of the system is not synchronized with the high-pressure fuel injector, so the drive torque consumption of Delphi common rail systerm is lower. 4. Delphi Common rail system injection pressure has nothing to do with the engine speed, so the injector can inject smoothly at low engine speed. 5. Delphi Diesel common rail system is fully electronically controlled, it can communicate with the electronic equipment of other vehicles.
Delphi high pressure fuel pump we are selling are mainly rebuild and original new. popular size like 8923A500G, 9044A150A 9044A072A, 9320A522T, 9323A262G, 9323A350G , 9521A031H , 33100-4X400(28269520) , 28447439, 28523703(JCB).

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