Denso Injector

Denso injector is one of the most popular injector. Sunrise Co is the earliest Chinese company to rebuild and repair Denso injectors in the market and now the most professional Denso injectors supplier.

DENSO Coperation is the top supplier of spare parts and systems of diesel engine. Now we sell is mainly original new , refurbished and rebuild/remanufactured. And for all the rebuild injector we sell, we can offer QR code to help you to adjust in installation.

Denso injectors are widely used on popular engines like Hino J05 injector 095000-6365 095000-5402, Hino N04C injector 095000-6400, 095000-6540, 095000-0760, Mitsubishi injector 095000-5450 095000-6860 095000-8920, SAIC heavy truck injector 095000-8910, 095000-6700, 095000-8100. ISUZU 4jj1 with injector 095000-5430, 095000-6980, 095000-6100, ISUZU 6WF1 6WG1 injector 095000-5511, 095000-6300, 095000-8981, ISUZU 4HK1 6HK1 G2 injector 095000-5342, 095000-5471, 095000-6363, Komatsu injector 095000-1211, 295050-0720, 095000-6140, JOHN DEERE injector 095000-6470, 095000-5050, 095000-6490.

The most popular size we sell in market we have regular stock, can assure you prompt delivery. for most order, we can arrange delivery within 15 days.

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