Diesel Pump


The diesel fuel injection pump is an important part of the diesel engine.

The engine crankshaft gear drives the camshaft to rotate to complete the fuel injection function. A governor is generally installed on the fuel injection pump to ensure the low-speed operation of the diesel engine and limit the maximum speed to ensure a certain relationship between the injection volume and the speed.

The injector pump enhanced durability in a high pressure environment, to improve the productivity and lower the cost.

Diesel injector pump brands we sell now are Bosch pump, Denso pump, CAT pump, Cummins pump, Delphi pump, Stanadyne pump, Yanmar pump etc.

Diesel Pump

The popular pump we sell like Bosch high pressure pump CP1 , CP2 , CP3, CP4, CPN5, VP pump, Unit pump, Delphi pump 3260F532T, 33100-4X400(28269520), Denso pump HP0, HP3, HP4, HP5, CAT C7,C9 pump, 319-0677, 319-0678, 387-0677, Cummins Pump 3090942(3417674), 4306515 F00BC00017, Yanmar pump X4, X5, X7, Siemens pump etc.

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