How to Choose Diesel Fuel Injectors and Injector pumps

Original New, Refurbished, Rebuild/Remanufactured, Made in China, What’s the difference

When you buy a diesel fuel injector/pump for your engine, it is very important to know the condition of diesel injectors/pumps. Although they look alike from apperance, there are quite different on quality and price. Original new, refurbished, rebuild/ remanufactured, made in China…there are too many different conditons, how to identify diesel injectors/ fuel pumps, here we would like to tell you the details, hope it helps you make the right choice.

1.Original New Injectors and Pumps

Original new diesel injectors and injector pumps are produced from famous brand factory and totally new injectors and pumps without used, first to sell. These injectors and pumps usually produced by the international brand like BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, CAT directly. Brand is warranty, so the quality of original injectors and pumps is the best one , and of course the price is the highest. and almost available in most diesel parts supplier.

2.Refurbished Injectors and Pumps

Refurbished diesel fuel injectors and diesel injection pumps are very special one, because they are neither new nor rebuild. Usually refurbished injectors and pumps are removed from running engine, the injectors and pumps are completed cleaned and tested , without any parts being replaced. If they still in good performance, can meet the strict quality standards similar like the original new, then we can call them refurbished diesel fuel injectors and injector pumps. Refurbished injectors and pumps quality is similar like original new, but you can get really good discount from supplier because they are indeed used injector/pump. The only problem is refurbished injectors and pumps are not mass production, so it is always in short supply. If your supplier told you there are refurbished injectors and pumps, consider it hardly.

3.Rebuild/Remanufactured Injectors and Pumps

Rebuild fuel injectors and pumps are very popular in the market. They are used diesel injectors and pumps and they have been totally took apart, the worn components of rebuild diesel injectors and diesel pumps have been replaced by new parts, original or brand new. The quality of rebuild or remanufactured diesel injectors and injector pumps are depends on 1. high-end equipment 2. the professionally of workers 3. quality of replaced parts. All our rebuild injector we can offer QR code to help you adjust after installation and normally Sunrise give customer quality warranty for 6 month,a. Rebuild/remanufactured diesel injectors and pumps are very popular in market because the price is really competitive, sometimes less than half of the original new one.

4.Made in China Injectors and Pumps

Made in China injectors and pumps are totally new injector/pump produced by Chinese factory. All the injector body and inside parts including solenoid, control valve, nozzle, spring ect are made in China. Nowdays made in China mainly on Bosch series, which have large demand in the market. For quality , made in China is similar to or higher than Rebuild/remanufactured and price competitive like the rebuild one. Sunrise Co sell 250,000pcs made in China injectors& pumps last year, customer feedback is quite good. we can give 6 month quality warranty. Someone may doubt made in China quality, but look around, all you use, your food, your clothes, made in China is part of your daily basic necessities of life . And more and more high-tech brands choose to produce in China, even Tesla build Chinese factory.

If you have any doubts on how to choose the right injectors and pumps for your truck, feel free to consult no matter you buy from us or not. Sunrise mission is bring new life to your engine.


Founded in 2011, Sunrise Diesel Co., Ltd startd as a small workshop, mainly for repair and assembling service of local diesel injectors & diesel pumps.

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