Pressure Relief Valve


Pressure relief valve is also called pressure limiting valve, short written as PLV. On normal working conditions, the pressure limiting valve is closed and there is no fuel leakage. Only when a failure occurs, the pressure relief valve will be actively or passively opened.

Pressure Limiting Valve

First, the first-stage piston on pressure relief valve opens, the pressure in the diesel fuel rail drops, until the second-stage piston opens, the rail pressure and the discharge flow reach a balance level. Then it will remain at a lower pressure and enters the Limp-home mode.
Note: The pressure limiting valve may be opened actively, or it may be opened passively.
The popular part No of pressure relief limiting valve we are selling now like 1110010015 , 1110010017 , 1110010020 , 1110010022 , 1110010024 , 1110010027, 1110010035 , 1110010028 , F00R000775 , F00R000756, 095420-0281 etc.

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