Repair Kits


Repair kits we sell now are mainly for the popular injectors and pumps. Sunrise do repair business for years, we develop the repair kits according to the experience, it get very good reputation among our old clients.

Repair Kit

Popular size like repair kits 891813 for CAT C7, C9, C-9 injectors, repair kits 891811 for CAT C11/C13 injectors, repair kits 891812 for CAT C15 C18 C27 C32 injectors. repair kits 891814 for CAT 3126 injectors, repair kits 891806 for Volvo E1 injectors, repair kits 891807 for Volvo E3 injectors repair kits 891804 for Cummins M11 injectors, 891803 for Cummins X15 injectors, repair kits 891817 for Bosch-Scania 701 series. repair kits 891825 for CAT C7/C9 pumps, and repair kits for Denso HP0 pump, for Denso HP3 pumps, for Denso HP4 pumps. Repair kits for Bosch CP4 pump, Repair kits for Delphi DP200 pump etc.

Part NoApplication
891813-C7/C9CAT C7/C9/C-9 injector
891811-C11/C13CAT C11/C13 injector
891812-C15/C18CATC15/C18/C27/C32 injector
891814-3126BCAT3126 injector
891806-VO E1Delphi-Volvo E1
891807-VO E3Delphi-Volvo E3
891808-HY E3Delphi-Hyundai E3
891805-A0Delphi A0 series injector
891804-M11CUMMINS M11
891802-K19CUMMINS K19
891803-X15CUMMINS X15
891814-DD Detroit N70
891815-700 IVBOSCH-Iveco 701series
891818-701IVBOSCH-Volvo 701series
891819-702 VOBOSCH-Volvo 702series
891816-SC01BOSCH-Scania 701series
891817-SC02BOSCH-Scania 701series
891825-C7/C9CATC7/C9/C-9/336D pump
891826-320DCAT320D/C6.6/C6.4/C4.4 pump
891820-094040-0010densoHP0 tall pump
891821-094040-0030densoHP0 short pump
891822-294009-0032denso HP3 pump
891823-294009-0051denso HP4 pump
891823-294009-0052denso HP4 pump
891831-CP401BOSCHCP4 double plunge pump
891832-CP402BOSCHCP4 double plunge pump
891833-CP403BOSCHCP4 single plunge pump
891834-277ADelphi DP210/DP310 pump
891835-277HDelphi DP210/DP310 pump
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