Yanmar Pump


Yanmar Pump is popular used on the engines, it enjoys good reputaion for its stable proformance and reasonable price. Also , the related parts are easy to find on the market when pumps need repair.

Yanmar is a Japanese diesel engine manufacturer with a history of more than 100 years. The engines manufactured by Yanmar company are widely used in the fields of marine vessels, construction equipment, agricultural equipment and generator sets.
For Yanmar brand, we can supply nozzles, head rotors and diesel fuel pumps. Yanmar diesel fuel injector pumps we sell now are mainly original new and rebuild. popular size like Yanmar fuel injector pump X3(729236-51412) , Yanmar X4 pump 729659-51360, X4 729647-51310, Yanmar X5 pump 119653-77950, Yanmar X7 pump 729967-51310 etc.

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